Auction Method

Auction Method

gavel resting with sold sign1 Auctions are becoming the first, best and only choice in many real estate markets. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) recognizes the importance of the role of the real estate auction.

The Auction Advantage - Accelerated Selling.

Auctions are fun and exciting events.

Property Sold At Auction
Vacant Land
Traditional single family homes
Luxury homes
Commercial property
Condos and apartment complexes
Farms and ranches
Historical property
Certain REO properties
Industrial plants
Estate Property

Some property should not be sold at auction. Property held by owners  stuck “underwater” in homes owing the bank more than its worth. These require the Short Sale process includes coordinating  documentation, sale and shepherding the process with lender.

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Auction. You set the terms and date property is sold.


Luxury homes, vacant lots, industrial, commercial and unique properties find their buyer by utilizing the auction's accelerated marketing. Auctions also aid in meeting dead lines when managing property. Its the most efficient way to obtain the highest price in a competitive market, and provides fair open-outcry bidding in divorce and estates. Other aspects include rapid sale for property owners with an impending tax lien forced sale. The owner's auction halts the process however timing is critical.

The Auction compresses the selling process!