Estate Sales


We get you moving!

Estate and tag sale service coverage; North Jersey, Princeton area, Rockland, Orange County, Westchester, the Hudson Valley, Manhattan Co-ops and Condos.

Clearing out property is important when marketing property.
Its a must before the closing or when you need to move. Estate sales staff helps with downsizing property or when clearing out an estate of its personal property.

Managing the house clean-out can be arranged. Inventory itemization is sometimes required by the courts, family or estate. Our trained staff will organize and conduct proper inventory when needed.

The service includes managing inventory, valuations, placement of advertising and conducting the sale. Contents of estates or homes can be held in conjunction with the real estate auctions.

 Time Value Of Money

Clearing out inventory can be done quickly. Before the sale date, a scheduled orderly valuation, tagging, set up of items is essential for an efficient sale. It is true that money in hand now is more valuable than waiting for an uncertain date in the future; tag sale can include a focused auction of  high end items. Item placement is made on tables and under tents that are provided.

Staff includes appraisers and specialists to value items and conduct inventory as per arrangements. Various options for services can be listed separately in tag sale or auction agreement. The cleaning out of the property can be arranged, including cleaning out of basement, curing for pick up etc. 

The Scope of Work Agreement provides itemized services. Unknowns are avoided. Property get cleared.

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