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FHA Stimulates the Market with 580 Credit Score Program

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The goal is to help homeownership grow nationally. Many millennials carry large student loans.
The 580 program helps them take ownership of their first home. The program however applies to everyone.


You may qualify for USDA and the VA have No Money Down Loan Programs.

Now the Typical Minimum Credit Scores Required FHA Loans – 580 Credit Score

USDA Loans – 640 Credit Score 203k Loans – 620
USDA programs have income-eligibility requirements, and you must buy in a designated rural area.
USDA Programs include a no money down program option  and as a direct lender often close faster.

Credit Score Convention Loans – 620 Credit Score

Jumbo Loans – 700 Credit Score FHA Streamline Refinance

No Credit Score or Check for VA Streamline.
VA loans only go to VA-eligible buyers, those who are service members or veterans

Refinance – No Credit Check Cash-out Refinance – 640 Credit Score HARP – 620 Credit Score (Some lenders do not have a minimum credit score)

Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit HELOC – 680 Credit Score.

500 Creidt Score??

Here’s how the FHA minimum credit score of 500 stacks up against other programs:
VA home loans require no minimum credit score

FHA won’t approve a mortgage with a 500 FICO unless you can put at least 10 percent down.

Most Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac programs require larger down payments and/or lower debt-to-income ratios if your credit score is on the low end of the allowable range.

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